Recharge to the Groundwater Store and Baseflow
This dataset contains recharge to the groundwater store and baseflow in South Africa (SA). Baseflows, consist of contributions to runoff from the intermediate/groundwater store which had been previously recharged. Reliable assessments of exploitable groundwater resources are essential, particularly for sustainable development in semi-arid areas, which are more heavily dependent on groundwater than the moister areas. In the distribution patterns of mean annual baseflow, high values occur in the eastern and southwestern areas of SA and low values in the centre-west, many more unexpected highs and lows are present.
Groundwater Vulnerability
Groundwater vulnerability to contamination dateset produced using the DRASTIC method (which considers depth to groundwater, recharge, aquifer media, soil type, topography, impact of the vadose zone, and conductivity. This dataset can be used to give a broad indication of relative vulnerability to non-point source pollution.